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Hand-cut silhouettes


Silhouettes are made-to-order original artworks hand cut by Jodi Carr. These unique portraits make beautiful gifts.


How does it work?


Send a photo after reading the photo tip

While looking at your photo Jodi cuts a likeness of the person by hand using scissors and special black paper, then glues it to an acid-free backing. The artwork is sent to you via first class or priority mail.

Silhouette of One Person mounted on 5" x 7" white acid free card stock

  • The person should sit or stand up with good posture,
    Take a true profile of the face with the person facing right.
    Use a plain light colored background such as a wall or door, or have someone hold a towel or sheet behind the person.
    Take the photo from eye level
    Show the whole head and every bit of the hair
    The person should relax their face and have lips softly closed. Do not smile.
    Up-dos, ponytails, hats and glasses are welcome in silhouettes.
    Photos should be clear, sharp and high resolution.
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